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m/s = mph  

  1.0 = 2.23694      
   2.0 = 4.47387      
   3.0 = 6.71081      
   4.0 = 8.94775      
5.0 = 11.18468
6.0 = 13.42162
7.0 = 15.65855
8.0 = 17.89549
9.0 = 20.13243
10  = 22.36936

Just add 2 of these together for higher calculations

If you haven't reviewed the START HERE, now is a good time.  We want you to make the right decisions before you spend any money.  It's easier to get it right the first time.


Welcome to how to select a turbine.

Let's think about your plan.

By now you have decided if you want an off grid or grid tie system.

You need to figure out how many watts you need or want to supplement your electric bill. Remember, the wind blows at night too!  This is a great adder to any Solar system.  BUT!  You must select the right Turbine for your needs.  Have you chosen your wind zone yet?  Chart is on the bottom of this page.

There are 2 types of winds.  Dirty winds and clean winds.   You will find the cleaner winds higher up.
Dirty winds are disturbed by hills, trees, structures, even road traffic.  It's a breeze with random breezes with in.  See the rough illistration.  Clean winds don't have allot of that and the wind is stronger on your turbine.  While chosing your Wind Turbine Generator, remember these simple rules.

It's real hard to tell you which turbine is the right one for you.  We're not there.  You need to do it right.  Changing the system, once installed, can be a real problem.  The safest bet is to start with a low to medium wind turbine like our Casper.  If you live on top of a mountain. then a high wind system will work.  Remember, any alternator needs RPM to produce power.

Wire sizes are very important.

Let's break this down for you

Wind Speeds 6 to 15 MPH

Crayon Art
ni Wind Farm Advantages:
More total power per dollar spent.
Easy self installation. No cranes or heavy equipment needed.
Progressive affordability. Start small and add more turbines as you can afford them.
Redundant dependability with multiple turbines running.
Very winter proof! Snow and ice create no major problems for small wind turbines.
No high wind speed worries. Small turbines are extremely   durable in storms !
No building permits required in many areas for low level turbines mounted under 28 feet high.
Flexibly. Add ONLY as many turbines as you need to run your household.
Less conspicuous than a giant 80 foot tall tower requiring a giant 160 foot radial fall zone.
Can be placed closer to property lines. Great for small properties (Fall Zone Rule)
No expensive towers to buy that can actually cost more than the wind turbine itself!!!!!!!!!!
Mini wind farms blend in with scenery and have a high acceptance rate from neighbors and community.